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Karcher HDS 7/10 4-M

Kärcher’s medium class single-phase HDS hot water cleaners provide high levels of performance, reliability and economy. With innovative features such as the eco!efficiency mode, offering fuel savings of up to 20% without compromising cleaning performance, the new HDS range provides our customers with the toughness, cleaning power, and low running costs they demand.

  • Power supply (Ph/V/Hz)  1/240/50 
  • Water flow rate (l/h)  350-700 
  • Pressure (bar/MPa)  30-100/3-10
  • Max. temperature (ºC)  155/80
  • Connected load (kW)  3.1
  • Consumption, fuel oil (kg/h)  3.4
  • Fuel tank (l) 25 
  • Detergent tank (l) 20+10
  • Weight (kg) 145
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 1330 x 450 x 1060
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Karcher HDS 6/12 C

Single-phase (240 V) HDS 6/12 C hot water high-pressure cleaner with eco!efficiency mode, Easy Press trigger gun and Servo Control, the infinitely variable pressure and water flow regulation function from Kärcher.

  • Power Supply (Ph/V/Hz) 1/240/50
  • Water Flow rate (l/h)  240–560
  • Pressure (bar/MPa) 30–120 / 3–12
  • Max. temperature (°C) 80 / 155
  • Power rating (kW) 3

  • Consumption fuel oil (kg/h) 3.5
  • Fuel tank (l) 15
  • Detergent tank (l) 10
  • Weight (kg) 93
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 1060 × 650 × 920
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Karcher HDS-C 9/15

The HDS-C combines the advantages of a mobile hot water high-pressure cleaner with those of the self-service devices. The technology is housed in a stainless steel casing which protects it from environmental influences. Different washing programmes can be easily selected using the control section on the side. The system can be equipped with a mechanical coin adapter, a HP lance holder, a hose reel and a swivelling boom. Installtion options dependant on location, please call for advice.

  • Power Supply (Ph/V/Hz)  3/400/50 
  • Water throughput (l/h) 900
  • Operating pressure (bar/Mpa) 150/15

  • Power rating (kW) 6.8
  • Water heating system - Oil
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) mm  1040 x 727 x 1360
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